Professional Benefits of The Power Of Her©

Leverage Diversity by…
➢ actively pursuing knowledge & understanding of perspectives & ideas not one’s own
➢ supporting the valuable role diversity can play in keeping thinking flexible
➢ challenging one’s self to see different possibilities & take a different perspective

Partnering with other The Power of Her© participants…
➢ builds collaborative relationships
➢ develops networks
➢ discovers new information, resources, & partnerships
➢ informs participants of your organization
➢ potentially, creates new business opportunities

Creativity & Innovation fostered by…
➢ infusing big-picture thinking or systems thinking
➢ looking beyond current the reality to prepare for potential future growth & innovation
➢ generating new ideas & approaches that articulates the linkage between new behaviors & organizational success

This propriety program has a low-cost of $40* & benefits your organization by…
➢ increasing employee’s knowledge & leadership development
➢ boosting employee’s job satisfaction
➢ making your organization more appealing to the community & potential new talent
➢ aiding in your retention strategy

Certificates of attendance available upon request,

Early Bird Participant Registration

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